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authentic irish whiskey

There’s smooth, then there’s next-level smooth. That’s Knockmore®.

Knockmore Irish Whiskey Bottle 2023

knockmore® Irish Whiskey

Knockmore is a smooth and easy drinking Irish whiskey. A perfect balance has been created by blending 100% Irish malt whiskey and authentic local grain whiskey. Aged in flamed charred bourbon casks the end result is a delight to behold. Enjoy neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. Knockmore is up to the task.

tasting notes

  • Aroma: Honey, Apricot, Ocean Air
  • Flavor: Apricot Jam, Butter, Biscuit, Honeysuckle, Vanilla
  • Finish: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Honey


Green-apple-forward with a smoky char, followed by buttery biscuit notes and a warm honey finish, this remarkably smooth spirit is sensory nirvana.

Falvor Greenapple


Flavor Biscuit


Flavor Honey