Glasses Clinking

A Standout

When we created Knockmore, we didn’t just want to add another whiskey to the shelves, we wanted to make something remarkable…not for accolades but for you—every one of you, from whiskey lovers to those just thinking about trying whiskey for the first time. Something you could sip straight or mix with anything you could imagine.

That meant we had to land on something smooth. So smooth it would be just as great on the rocks as in the newest cocktail. No easy task, but we’re not afraid of a challenge, especially if it means you’ll have a new favorite spirit.

A New Path

We started with an incredible recipe and fine-tuned it to perfection, then partnered with one of the best distillers in Ireland (with an unparalleled dedication to the art of whiskey making). The result exceeded even our expectations: a whiskey as friendly to the initiate as the aficionado. So smooth it needed a preamble, a qualifier, a hype phrase: next-level smooth.

Simple. Clear. True.

There’s smooth, then there’s next-level smooth. That’s Knockmore.

Chick Drinking Knockmore Whiskey
Knockmore Irish Whiskey Bottle 2023

UNIQUELY knockmore®

From grain to bottle, we’ve perfected the art of creating the smoothest Irish whiskey.


Green-apple-forward with a smoky char, followed by buttery biscuit notes and a warm honey finish, this remarkably smooth spirit is sensory nirvana.

Falvor Greenapple


Flavor Biscuit


Flavor Honey